I make handmade art pottery fired with several techniques.  The following galleries have images that are representative of some of that work.  

Click on a picture to take you to a gallery of that type of work.

Jewelry by Fireblaze Pottery is handmade with porcelain clay.

My online jewelry store is temporarily closed but items can be purchased

by contacting me at fireblazepottery(at sign)gmail(dot)com.

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I am on a break from taking commissions at this time.  Feel free to email me and I can notify you if I decide to take commissions again.

Custom Carbon Vessels can be made to order with your pet's hair used for the carbon marking.

I have used horsehair, dog hair, emu feathers, and llama fiber so far with great results.

This is the standard shape but I can create any shape/size, with or without a lid.

Contact me for pricing.

Commission - Galaxy Hotel, Macau